The first kingdom explored by the film is the forests of central Africa. We are taken to a MYSTERIOUS FOREST to discover that even in the spookiest and most overwhelming places, we can find familiarity and friends.
The stars of the mysterious forest realm are the enchanting gorillas. For them the forest is a comfortable forest home.The lush greenery provides plenty of food,so they don’t have to work hard to find meals and have plenty of time to relax and socialise.

They are like us in many ways – eyes, faces, hands. They live in family groups and are gentle and caring for each other. The youngsters use the forest as a giant climbing frame in which to play. The whole family is protected by a silverback male who keeps everyone under control.


What this unit will give you

Knowledge to guide your students to complete this project

  • In this project, students will capture the movement, behaviour and characteristics of nature
  • They will write up their discoveries which will include photos, video and audio narration

What this project will give your students

Learning Objectives

Explore the requirements of plants for life and growth (air, light, water, nutrients from soil, and room to grow) and how they vary from plant to plant.

Project Aim/Question
Survival of the fittest: What impact do plants have on each other and their environment, when in close proximity?
Key Language
Explore the requirements of plants for life and growth (air, light, water, nutrients from soil, and room to grow) and how they vary from plant to plant.




Stage 1 - Competition in the Mysterious Forest

The centre of Africa is covered with a vast tropical rainforest.The forest grows so lush and intense because of constant strong tropical sun, warmth and almost daily downpours of rain. Everything is battling for space/food/light. i.e. competition is intense.

What you can do

After watching the Mysterious Forest segment of Enchanted Kingdom, discuss with the class the challenges faced by different plants in the ecosystem (lack of light, etc.).

  • Explain that you will be investigating this competition
  • Ask students to discuss how they would test the impact that plants have on each other (groups can record the conversation using OneNote)
  • Introduce key language to facilitate the discussions
Stage 2 - Creating Your Own Competitive Environment
Stage 3 - Capturing Your School's Own Enchanted World
In groups students can capture their enchanted discoveries from STAGE 1 and 2.

Students can use Office Mix to create an interactive presentation.

The presentation should depict the beauty and wonder that surrounds their local natural environment.


Once published, presentations can be uploaded to a shared area, such as OneDrive, to be evaluated and reviewed by student peers.

Enhancement Activities

What you can do
Have the pupils take photos of all the diverse plant species found in your school yard, park and local woods. AutoCollage can be used to create a picture collage of the photos.

Hold a competition inviting parents and community members to name all the plants in your collage.


What you can do - Science Activity
It is a great opportunity to cover the process of Photosynthesis. Students can use Corinth Micro Plant to explore enormously magnified images, fully 3D interactive models of tree, leaf, leaf sections and plant cells.


Do your students need greater support?

Consider shared planning with a teacher or member of support staff. Ensure that students have ample rehearsal time to build their confidence. Students who struggle significantly with confidence could present using a pre-prepared Office Mix.

To challenge more able students, take a step back and allow groups to take ideas and run with them. They should also be encouraged to present in an unscripted way, challenging them to gain and monitor the attention of their audience,interacting with and questioning them.